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Exclusive to the Village Framer the works of:

Suzanne Gaughan

Irish Visual Artist

"If a viewer stops for a moment to view and refelct on a piece i have created, then I have succeded in my job"

Awarded with three feature animation film credits with (M. G. M) and "20" "Century Fox", Suzanne started her career in animation and now regards herself as a self-taught Watercolourist. She explores the qualities of water colour, pushing the boundaires of this incredible medium.


Suzanne works in her studio in Co. Wexford, Ireland, where the natural beauty of the Irish countryside provides insiration for much of her work. She shows in galleries across Ireland and her work can be found in privte collection throughout Ireland.





Cockleshell Gallery


Wexford Opera Festival


New Ross Theatre, Wexford


Peoples Gallery


Denis Collins Gallery


Partridges, Gorey


Gorey Art

Click Here to see more of her work

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